Friday, October 14, 2011

sudden short post after a long long time

no matter how much I wanted to act tough
in the end still fail
everything just fell apart

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Long past 22nd Birthday =P

Hello guys! I m back to update on my own 22nd (old haizzz) Birthday
which was exactly a month ago!! (crazy late)
Well anyway
everything about my birthday started with a slight accident
at which at the wonderful morning of 27th March, Sunday
thief(or thieves) somehow manage to get into my house while all of us were sleeping
and taken some stuffs from the living room
losses were not great, though unfortunately my old crappy Compaq was among them
didn't lose much data as I already backed up my files few days before, luckily my hard disc still with me
Manage to get back most of our cards including IC and driving license thanks to a good-hearted auntie who found them and brought them back to us
And so let's take a look on my new asus laptop which the code actually confuses me so not gonna post up the model name
And so back to the main topic, my family brought me to some steamboat place that I forgot the name
The only thing i manage to remember was that it is at desa park city, under kay's cafe.
Anyway the food is so so, but I 'll show some photos anyway
And I manage to took this awesome photo(at least I think so =P)
This kid was simply adorable

Mine and brother's food =P

My chocolate mousse birthday cake

Next up is my celebration with my uni friend
Which fell on the exact date of my birthday 28th March
It was suppose to be a surprise party
which I realise due to some..err technical error
Anyway it was at Ole Ole Bali which is freaking expensive, luckily I dun hv to pay hahahaha
The food is not bad and the portion is quite large too =) Received an adidas sleeveless sports shirt from them =D
As always, since I'm a man of few words *ehem*, picture time!!
My Dinner)
Guess what, It's Chocolate Mousse again!! =D
My Birthday Card=)
My Adidas jersey :D
Group Photo ^^

Lastly were my old friends
Which brought me to errrr..Pedro (actually they brought me there because they have buy 1 free 1 for the main course =P)
It is a Mexican + Itallian Restaurant? I think so hahahaha
The food is good as well
And guess what, I got a Starbuck Tumbler from them =) which a self made err paper in it
Time to show off some photos again

me with my...3rd CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE..hahahaha..oklar and ice cream topping
me with the girls
photos that apparently they like a lot, sadly since I was the photographer, me not in it =(
Group photos =)
Irish Coffee(with alcohol in it) which was given to me for free =)

And we randomly went to the mall after that for their warehouse sales
manage to get previous season Liverpool's way shirt at RM60 =)

Now to show off some of my presents
note: they are model kit, not toys =P
Thanks everyone =)
My infinite Justiceout of box

errr...guan gong
out of box

Ok guess that sums up my Birthday..I guess
Nomore promising this time..haha going on an hiatus again and hope to come back soon

SMile Always!! ^^

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back to Business

Here comes my first post of the year!
Seriously, this is my first post since ages ago
There wasn't really anything happening in my life
Just a very normal life
Finally, my supposed to be very long holidays of 3 months are finished
Before going into my 3rd year of study ( actually it started yesterday)
Let'shave a brief recap on a little bit of some recent stuff (which can extend to as far as 2 months ago)

Well so,
On 1/1/11 at 1pm (yes, I decided to start this long post on the boring 1st of January), which was quite a good date and time
We had a small 5m gathering at de pastry, menjalara
We had the Hi-tea buffet there, which is RM15 per person
The food was not actually good
But then, seriously, how many times could u find a RM15 Hi-tea which allowed u to sit there and chat from 1-5pm
So overall it was still worth it, I guess
This gathering actually felt kinda strange
As the usual people who would turn up for the gathering can't make it
While people who normally did not appear manage to make themselves available
Here's a shot of the group picha of the day

Up next
It's gonna be a very mix up outing
Which is a gathering for those who came back for cny, for vivian who are leaving soon for australia, and for wai boon's birthday of cz =P
We had it around end of January at neway, One Utama
It was actually my 1st time singing k at night XD
Nth special, nth much to talk bout
So pics, anyone?
The Birthday Cake

Wai Boon singing Gee I think

Of course,
As the recap started from January all the way to March
There is no way that the Chinese New Year is gonna be left out!
Had a great 1 at Penang this time round
Though it still seemed to be the same as usual
The same dinner every year
The usual activities
Somehow it felt more fun
Perhaps I am getting older =P
Reunion Dinner

The usual BBQ night (not quite night yet)

The new puppy added to the family!

After coming back fr Penang, it was the time for the usual bai nian trip again!
This year the route was like a little short compare to normal as some of the parents were not free
And the thing worth mentioning was, this was the 1st time Hui Yee ever joined us on our bai nian trip!!
Oh and Nikolai as well, sorry for leaving u out XD
Last stop, as usual, was hui ling's house
Kim Hock was the big winner, with his super luck
Though was embrassed when he lost with 13 cards while playing cho dai di XD

After CNY, it was the time of farewell again
This time, it was the farewell party for Kar Ying and Kim Hock
Who by now, are having fun at the kangaroo land (yes, again)
It was at the KimchiHaru at Jaya One
Though why a bunch of kepong kia wanna go all the way there to have their dinner was beyond my comprehension =P
It was strange to not see Kim Hock again (at least for another half a year anyway)
As he was my primary/secondary schoolmate, collegemate and unimate=.= (and I thought there should be a limit to that, so hopefully not colleague as well haha)

And right after that, a few of us went straight to Jinjang to celebrate wei jie's bday
It took us sometimes to call him down to surprise him as he was quite sick that time (actually it was not quite us who manage to call him down, more like hau keat as he told yip weng to go home when yip weng told him to come down, how bias haha)
Well I am pretty sure that this is the 1st time he celebrated his birthday by the roadside =)

Right after them was Wei Hann's Farewell now
Still not quite sure where he going
Can't exactly remember, Scottland If I am not mistaken(haha sorry =P )
Had our dinner over at dragon-i at 1u, second round at somewhere in menjalara

And now was the final outing I had before my new sem start
Went to a certain Italian shop for lunch while dividing the chocolate pei yin send back to us (lots of thx =) )
Nth much to say here though we did a little shopping afterwards (confidential? Though I doubt there are many who read my blog =P)

Oh well that conclude this post i guess
There were actually alot more photos for all these events
I have already uploaded all in facebook, so feel free to check them out =)

So it is now a new semester
As usual
Determined to listen more in class
Try to update my blog as much as possible
Though whether these two can be achieved is still a myth
Already feel sleepy in class during the second day

Friday, December 3, 2010